“The Bridges of Graffiti”. Street Art in gondola

The Bridges of Graffiti. Exhibition poster
The Bridges of Graffiti. Exhibition poster

Arterminal, Venice

May, 9 – November, 22- 2015

On the occasion of the 56th International Art Exhibition “la Biennale di Venezia” hosts the exhibition The Bridges of Graffiti, choosing new underground areas in contrast with usual antique buildings of Venice. The title is decicated to Venice, a city in the water who turns itself into the mainland thanks to its bridges that, like arteries, let the city live.

The exposition path, in fact, starts from the marvellous bridge of Stazione Marittima, visitor’s terminal of San Basilio, and arrives to Fondamenta delle Zattere.
The Bridges of Graffiti debuts at the Venice Biennale 30 years after Arte di Frontiera New York Graffiti, curated by Francesca Allinovi in 1984. It was an exhibition which brought the American graffiti culture to Italy.

Works created by spray with a more graphic than pictoric style, influenzed by comics illustrations, pop characters with irony, in a city which represents a melting pot for culture exchange.
Boris Tellegen, Doze Green, Eron, Futura, Mode2, SKKI ©, Jayone, Todd James, Teach, Zero-T, ten international artists coming from different areas, origins and techiniques, put togheter their creativity into a location between culture and nature, black and whith, elegance and trash.

The Bridges of Graffiti and UNESCO

The Bridges of Graffiti, received the patronage of UNESCO (Commissione Nazionale Italiana).
It’s not just an exhibition but also a big project who shows historical pictures by legendary photo reporter Martha Cooper who introduces visitors to the first big New York graffiti of 70s and 80s and also a 3D video installation by Henry Chalfant, a sort of documentary celebrating the New York underground wagons, photographs between 1977 to 1983.

Wich is the goal? Of course to tell the story of graphics on city walls, its metamorphoses and artistic maturity with an international set.

Photo credits: Andrea Bastoni
Tickets: € 10; Reduced: € 8 students / under 26
Free entrance for children up to 10 years

Link: http://www.thebridgesofgraffiti.com

Link: http://www.thebridgesofgraffiti.com