The Dance of the Fairies. The ethereal steel sculptures of Robin Wight

[box type=”shadow” ]“A couple of years ago, while trying out my brand new camera, I took the picture in the woods at the bottom of my garden. It was only later when looking at the results that I spotted the figure in the tree. It’s obviously a trick of the light coming through the trees. What else could it be? Whatever it is, it captured my imagination and inspired me to use the idea in my sculpture.”[/box]

Flying fairies, charming and dynamic, dance and struggle with the wind; these are the sculptures of the young English artist Robin Wight who create art with stainless wire.

In order to realize his fantasy sculptures, Wight first prepare steel skeletons and then shape around them muscles and bodies, completing the work weaving smaller wires to create the skin. As a signature, Wight sets in the middle of the fairy a “heart” of stone, engraved with the name of the sculpture owner, creating and unique and special piece of art for his clients.

Known also as the man of the “fairies”, Robin Wight charmed the world of art with his astonishing creations exhibiting them at the The Tretham Estate in Birmingham, United Kingdom. For the occasion, the artist displayed his works skillfully between trees and rocks, to melt perfectly the sculptures and the surrounding nature. “When I first started making the wire fairies, I dreamt of doing a sales pitch to Trentham Gardens in the hope that one day I would see one on display there. Trentham Gardens represented the perfect setting and target audience for my work. I try to design sculptures with movement, a story and engineering tricks to make the viewer think “what’s holding that up?”

Robin’s dream soon realized. Now, walking through the Trentham Gardens and his gorgeous lake means to experience unique and surreal sensations, and between a cleft and a rock you can meet a fairy. Everyone with a shining dynamicity, with the power to jump out and disappear in every seconds, leaving behind a trail of a fantastic laugh.

As a child, listening or reading fairy tales, who never hoped and believed to see one of this creature for real? Growing up this desire vanished but as a lot of movies light up the fairy land also art can upset and raise the myth of fairy, especially with the beautiful and enthusiastic creations of Robin Wight.

The magic shapes, from the miniature one to the natural sized statues, seems to come alive in their dynamic poses, take vitality from fluent and fascinating movements.

Every single sculptures is refined perfectly and every curves and twisting of the wire show the intense passion of Robin’s works.

His sculptures are simply breath-taking, everyone with its own personality and peculiarity. The scrupulous attention to details is outstanding.