Ron Mueck: hyperrealistic sculpture

Ron Mueck in studio
Ron Mueck in studio - Gennaio 2013 - Photo di Gautier Deblonde

Born in Melbourne in 1958 from german parents Ron Mueck, spent a thousand hours studying and making perfect recreation of human body, creating works that made him one of the most appreciated artist in the hyper-realism movement.

Modeling his works with an incredible realism (including details of skin and hair), his art has the ability to amaze with new sensations, as the dimesions could be giant-sized or smaller-than-life. The result is spectacular.

His interest in the sculptorial art strarts in 1997 when he participated in the “Sensation: young british Artists from the Saatchi Collection” in London exposing one of his works: “Pinocchio”.

Mueck has been making silicon or fiberglass and acrylic sculptures cast from clay models, hold by wooden or fiberglass structure.