“Chagall. Love and Life” – Castello Ursino, Catania

Till 14 February 2016

Extraordinary event for the sprout up of art in the Sicily, important event for Italian and international cultural tourism organized in Catania.

The October revolution, the flight to Paris with his wife Bella and daughter Ida, the French ambient and the disturbance to feel a refugee.
A palette of extraordinary colors, sudden and aggressive red brushstrokes in grey, blue and black border. His works are political denunciations, lighted up by his immense imagination.

In 1941 the drama of Nazism forced his family to flight again, this time to New York, even more far away from home.
The expression of Chagall suffering are the religious ideals bodied in crucifixions. The 1944 was the year of the deep grief for this wife Bella death. Even though he was living in a state of memories and loss, will traduce his period of life always in a spiritual and poetic light.
The exhibition is curated by Ronit Sorek and produced by Arthemisia Group, in collaboration with Israel Museum and sponsored by Generali Italia and UNA Hotels.
The event is recommended by Sky Arte HD.

Chagall in Rome

“Chagall. Love and Life” and his great success of his first Italian edition at Chiostro del Bramante in Rome. In the link below the review of the event.
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