Björk at MoMa of N.Y. Music and visuals of Icelandic fairy-tale visions

Björk - All Is Full of Love - Frame

 MoMA –  Museum of Modern Art, New York

March 8– June 7, 2015

New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) stages a retrospective dedicated to Björk career. It opens on March 7, 2015, and will run through June 7, 2015.
This is an important year for the Icelandic artist, in March will be the release of her newest album Vulnicura, a combined mix of visual art and experimental music.

The exhibition will “chronicle her career through sound, film, visuals, instruments, objects, costumes, and performance,” according to a press release. A book entitled Björk: Archives, documenting the content of the exhibition, will be published on 30 March 2015.
In MoMa’s hall it’s shown instruments used to record Biofilia, special instruments that were specially developed for the album. At the second floor, in Marron Atrium, you can admire two staged area: one dedicated to Vulnicura, song of Björk’s brand new album and a second one where are playing her unconventional music videos, starting from Debut of 1993.

At the third floor an interactive audio experience revisits Björk’s albums, a biographic story that is, at the same time, personal and poetic, enriched by imagines, objects and stage costumes, you can also see the special robot designed by Chris Cunningham for the music video “All Is Full of Love”, and the gorgeous Swan dress tailor-made and designed for the Icelandic artist by Marjan Pejowski.

The exhibition presents the artist world in its constant searching for experimentation and sensational originality, in Björk’s collaborations with photographers, designers, artists, directors and other original and eccentric artists of any kind.
The entire project is accompany, of course, by a music program, an example is the audio and video installation of “Black lake”. About twenty years of a splendid career, boasted of sounds, images and memorabilia, narrated by installations created by Björk together with the writer Sjón Sigurdsson.

The “show” will end with an new performance created by the director Andrew Huang and the team of 3-D experts and designers Autodesk.
It’s an unmissable full immersion of music and visual art with a hundred different angles of creativity.
The exhibition is full of instruments, theatrical representations, engaging sounds experiences.
The event is organized by MoMa Chef Curator at Large Klaus Biesenbach and sponsored by Volkswagen of America.

In addiction is announced a Björk ‘s worldwide tour that will arrive also in Italy, in 29 July in Rome. Soon it will published an interesting monograph (Thames & Hudson).

Images Credit: Photography by Nick Knight. Image courtesy of Wellhart Ltd & One Little Indian