Self-protection is like art (AIDS World Day)

Giornata Mondiale contro l'AIDS - Il David di Michelangelo indossa un preservativo

Self-protection is like art, don’t put it apart.

Today, December 1, is World Day for the fight against AIDS, a disease generated by an infection, the HIV virus, which still records impressive numbers.

Unfortunately, the public’s attention to the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is much decreased in recent years, especially in young people, opening doors to new infections.

In Italy there are over 4,000 new cases per year (150,000 people infected till now), and the diagnosis of infection often is achieved when the disease is already at an advanced stage.

On the occasion of this day, we deviates from the editorial line of Katarte, hoping that we can (in our own small way) help increase the level of awareness and reverse the negative trend of these last years.

We have created, with the help of creatives of, a small campaign to promote the use of condoms.